Monday, August 22, 2011

A success!

In 2009, I was invited by my officemates to join the Sun Scrappers Club, an office based organization composed of creative, resourceful and talented ladies who are addicted to scrapbooking.  I envy their projects, not to mention their collection of beautiful papers, embellies and tools.  I couldn't imagine I'll be hooked into this hobby and love it more than my first obsession, the cross-stitching.

Early this year, my friend Dorothy invited me to join her in scrapbook session with the Philippines' best, Iris Uy.  There I met amazing ladies who do not only share their talents and ideas during the session but also showcase their works of art through blogsites.

With the encouragement and support of my scrapping friends, I came to realize the need of having my own blogsite so that I could express myself more and join the online activities and challenges.

After two months of intermittent trials, I was able to come up with this site.  Why SCRAPSY HEARTSY?  Because "I heart scrapbooking"!

I'll be posting my layouts soon and I hope you will like them.

Thanks for dropping by!  Have a nice week ahead!


  1. ...and I'm your very first commenter! congrats and welcome to the blogging world. :D

  2. You go girl, you wont look back, you get to meet so many amazing ladies, crafters this way!!! Enjoy your new blog...