Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweet Girl

I am an avid follower of Prima.  Early this month, they posted the December Prima Product Pick and Palette and this one shows the colors to follow:

I love these Christmas colors!  They add joy to this special day not to mention the family gatherings and gift-giving.  I can't help but create a layout showcasing the above colors and this one's my masterpiece...

Wondering how I did the vine on the right side of the layout?  

I cut it from the Folio paper (under Printery Collection).  It was black.  Hence, I...

1.  traced the vine with a light brown paint 
2.  second coating was dark brown paint
3.  the top was finished with red, green and gold glitters

...  then viola!  It became a gorgeous embellishment!

I apologize for not providing a bigger screenshot.  I'll post it by next week.

List of Prima products:

# 842468 - Parfait from Madeline Collection
# 841188 - Butterfly Wings from Pastiche Collection
# 843557 - Folio from Printery Collection
# 841164 - Vintage Garden from Pastiche Collection
# 552176 - Fantasy Forest
# 541767 - Textured Alphabet Sticker from Paisley Road Collection 
                        (Blue but painted with brown paint)
# 890780 - Garden Fittings
# 537562 - Winter Rose Melon Ice
# 529925 - Windsor Rosie London
# 543884 - The Roosevelt Col Deland
# 550042 - Stencil/Mask, Iron Gate

I hope you like my layout.  Thanks for dropping by!

Happy New Year to all!!!


  1. super love this! Where did you get the Prima resin? Meron na sa Lasting?

  2. Hi Ems! Yep, Prima resins are now available at Lasting. Just don't know if there are lots of styles left at this point in time.

    Thanks girls for the appreciation!