Friday, July 06, 2012


As previously mentioned, I'll be posting my projects that were not published in this blog during my absence early this year.

I was a contributor to Sketches in Thyme and I missed doing a layout for them.  Of course, it wouldn't be fun and organize without the support of the challenge coordinator Tiffany Call.  This lady is very talented and I really love the sketches that she designed for SiT challenges.  She shared the same dilemma in her own family just like what I have experienced in the past months and I appreciate her kind words.

This was the sketch to follow:

Now here's my last contribution for SiT. 

There's a story behind this layout.  During the kick-off of the Model Office (the special group formed in the Operations side of our company which handles the user's testing, procedures documentation, etc.), we were asked to describe ourselves by using the letters of our names.  So what does LOVEZ' mean?

L - loves PINK!
O - obssessive compulsive
V - versatile
E - eldest daughter and ever-loving wifey and mommy
Z' - zealous scrapbooker

That's totally ME!!!

I hope that one day I'll get to work on SiT again.

Happy Tuesday!

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