Saturday, January 05, 2013

Welcome 2013!

I couldn't believe that 2012 has already passed.  Now it's time to welcome another year that's full of hopes and dreams...

Scrapbooking has been part of my weekly activities since late 2009.  For me, it's a form of relaxation.  The colors that I put on my project, in a way, diminish the stress that has accumulated during the day.  Because my daughter usually works with me, this activity or should I say "hobby", serves as a bonding moment too. 

I'd like to make this year more fruitful and well-balanced.  Besides updating my career plan ('coz it's an SOP in our company, LOL!), I also created a to-do list in other areas of my life including recreation, and scrapbooking is part of it!  I named them to-do's, not resolutions, because I intend to make them real this time.  Crossed-fingers...

My first to-do is to create at least one project in two weeks. I guess this is doable than last year's one layout a week.

So to start the year right, I made myself busy during the holidays in creating personalized gifts for crafty friends.  I'll share them with you in my next post.

Other to-do's are the following:
  • Don't just shop. Scrap!!!
  • No hoarding...
  • Avoid being too messy.  Clean-up the scrapbook area after doing the project.
  • Re-arrange the scrap room.  Re-paint the wall and fixtures, if necessary.  Since this bullet needs more budget, one of my to-do under financial side is to save a lot.  LOL!
  • Create more for others.  Send a personalized card for a friend.  Make a layout for a relative.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Help save mother earth!!!

I guess that's it for now. I hope you'll find time to create your own to-do list and I wish you good luck.

Thanks for dropping by!  Happy new year!

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