Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Better Me

It's been a while since I last joined a scrapbook challenge and I missed it!  Of course, scrapping wouldn't be fun and exciting without any inspiration.  So I browsed on my favorite sites and I found three interesting and related topics.


Once Upon A... Sketch - the theme of the January challenge is "The start of something new".  Ideas for journalling include the theme sentence as a title, a new job coming up, a child's new toy, a new house, a new relationship, etc.  The layout must incorporate the theme and the sketch below:


Berry71 Bleu - the challenge for this month is to create something about yourself and must follow this theme:


Zeus and Zoe - the New Year's challenge is to scrap about your word for 2013.

Here's my take:

All the papers I used are from Webster's Pages while the flowers are by Prima.

Here are the snapshots of the details:

This photo was taken last December when we visited the Little India in Singapore.  The colors of the shawls and wallets behind me compliment with the color of my layout.

These black swirls balanced the colors.  I just colored it with a crackle paint.

The white medium here is Fiber Paste.  I just colored the top with Tide Glimmer Glam.  The flowers were coated with Stardust Stickles and sprinkled with Shaved Ice.  Some portions were decorated with beads and crystals.

Some more snapshots on a different view...

There's a lot to say about being "a better me" in 2013.  That's why I hid the novel under the card so that it won't occupy the whole of my layout, LOL.

The journalling says this:


I would say that 2012 wasn't good enough for me. Why?
  1. I've been a single mom.  No, it's not what you think though.  My husband has been assigned overseas and I did the supposedly divided labor all by myself.
  2. My father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. The medical records revealed the negative results only a month after my husband left the country.
  3. My father passed away after being in and out of the hospital for years due to lingering illnesses.
  4. Our nanny who took care of my family for six years died only a month away from my dad's demise.
  5. I crashed the car after Christmas and the rear part was totally damaged!
Sad circumstances do really happen but I did not expect it will come to me in bulk.  To tell you honestly, I was devastated at so many points.  However, these challenges revealed their good sides which helped me find my true self.
  1. I realized that quality time does not need the physical presence of a person.  My husband and I spent the off days and wee hours chatting and video calling.  Thanks to Skype and Face Time! But due to time difference and other limitations, we only get to talk about the important matters plus some little soft cuddles before we bid goodbye.  Believe it or not, my relationship with my husband became stronger than ever!
  2. Mom and dad (in-law) who were strangers with each other found their long lost love and affection (for each other, of course).  I saw what true and unconditional love is.
  3. I've been close to my husband's father who has been aloof from other people, even to his own family.
  4. When my father died, I have to be strong for my mom.
  5. I personally attended to my daughter's needs which nanny has been doing for the longest time and I enjoyed everything.
  6. When I bumped the car, I realized that driving is such a big responsibility and I have to be careful all the time.
  7. I learned how to balance the time for my family, work and myself.
  8. I became more patient and understanding.
  9. I've been more close to my family.
  10. I prayed for others because I believe that God will hear my plea.
And a lot more...

This year, I will still do my best to be a better person - as a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. I will learn new things, read books, listen to good music, meet people, write letters, connect with friends, see the stars, smell fresh air, drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, reduce weight, giggle with children, create and recreate, work hard, play harder, pray hardest. I will be better than my best self in the past years.

In 2013, I'll be a better me...


That's it!  I hope you like what I did.  Please wish me luck and cheer with me so that I could do whatever's the best for a better Lovez' this year.

Have a great day!


  1. Here's to a better 2013 for you! I combined the exact same challenges for my layout, but your 2012, sounds a lot more difficult than mine was! Big hugs for you!

  2. Wow that's a great list - a few on there that I should take on board as well! Thanks for sharing your beautiful layout with us at OUAS!

  3. Gorgeous LO with wonderful colors and great techniques! Thank you so much for playing along with us at OUAS!

  4. What a wonderful layout. I love it how you used the flowers throughout the layout. And the colors are great, too. The journaling idea is fantastic.
    I also participated in the challenge, have a look at my layout if you like


  5. Wow, not only is your layout absolutely gorgeous, but I really loved reading your honest reflections on the past year and your hopes and plans for the future. Thanks so much for sharing! And thanks for joining us @ OUAS :),


  6. What a wonderful page...I do hope you have a much better 2013--you certainly seem to have started off on the right foot. The photo of you is lovely & all the little details & textures you've added only enhanced this creative page. The journaling/story telling is heart felt & honest...thank you for sharing your talent with us at Berry71Bleu!

  7. your project is so beautiful and the journaling is so heartfelt! thank you for sharing it! you are amazing!
    thank you for joining us at OUAS! i am glad that this challenge inspired you to record all of that!

  8. Your page is beautiful ! So many pretty details to look at. I loved your sad, but honest and positive story. Thank you for joining in the challenge at Zeus and Zoe.

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  10. This is an amazingly beautiful piece of art! Found it through Zeus and Zoe. Thanks for sharing!

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